Natural therapies and the flu–what does the evidence show?


The influenza virus

My previous post focused on the evidence of the flu vaccine and the prevention of the flu via the flu vaccine.  As the evidence consistently shows, the flu vaccine does not prevent flu transmission and/or prevent complications from the flu.  That is in addition to the historically very low match rates.  This is not my opinion; this is not marketing; this simply is what the evidence shows.  If you haven’t read that post and the evidence, I encourage you to stop and read the previous post on the evidence against the flu vaccine now.


If the the flu vaccine doesn’t prevent the flu, then how can you protect against the flu?  Do we simply run the immune system roulette table every cold/flu season?  How can you treat the flu if you are unfortunate to welcome the influenza virus into your home?  Is all hope lost in our ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones against the cold and flu?


All hope is not lost.  Below, I list natural, evidence-based therapies to prevent the influenza virus invasion and treat the influenza virus if the invasion does occur.  The therapies listed are some of the more evidence-based therapies out there.  These therapies will also work well against the other encountered viruses so prevalent this time of year.


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Small steps to begin a Healthy 2016


As I moved through the holiday season with family and friends, I heard all the chatter of losing weight in the New Year. With a cookie or a dipped chip in hand we talked of our plans for shedding these indulgent pounds that we had gained over the last months, or maybe years. There are hundreds of dietary theories of how to combat the holiday bulge that becomes the yearly bulge. How do you decide which bulge battling theory is right for you? Here are 5 small steps that are great for EVERYONE seeking a new year of healthy lifestyle change:


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Living Healthy is easy! Grow Microgreens

Living Healthy is easy!



Living Healthy is easy–I promise.  Living Healthy just requires rethinking and a little planning.  We have been raised in and taught to live in a Disease world for so long that we have forgotten how to live Healthy.  Disease living has become the new normal.  It is as if we are simply a commodity to feed an industry based on Disease.  Healthy living is not difficult, it just requires a change of habits—a new way of thinking—a first step.



Lifestyle transitions require small steps.  Today is the first small step—growing Microgreens at home.


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Theft of Wellness


History is filled with great heists. There was the theft of Rembrandt, Manet, and Vermeer art in the great Gardner Museum heist of 1990.  The Great Train Robbery of 1963 resulted in the theft of $41 million dollars.  One of the more elaborate thefts involved the Banco Central of Brazil via the construction of a 250 ft air conditioned, lighted tunnel.  The most recent hacker heist involved north of $1 billion.


Hollywood has not been lost on the recount of a good heist.  The “Sting”, starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, followed the con of thousands of dollars in the 20’s set movie.  The more recent “Oceans Eleven” followed an elaborate heist of a Las Vegas casino.


It seems the media is big on reporting a heist—whether it be via the news or in the movies.  The heist that I am writing about does not involve money, nor is it Hollywood’s latest, greatest heist screen play.  The heist that I am writing about is more subtle.  No story has been written on this heist.  No screenplay of this heist will hit movie theaters anytime soon.  This great heist is the theft of a word—specifically the theft of the meaning of a word.  What word?  The word is …


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Confession of a Recovered Fat man–Lavender

silhouette-obese-man-300x300Confession of a Recovered Fat man


The more I live the more I realize I don’t know.


The more I practice medicine, the more I realize I don’t know.  The more I realize God does know.


Yard to Table is a category of blog posts through which I seek to highlight readily available natural therapies all around us.  Not only do natural therapies work, I will highlight the mechanisms of their actions found in the science.


A recent personal experience highlights the power of natural healing right around us.

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