Epigenetics and you



Epigenetics and You


In high school biology genetics is introduced as merely a game of human roulette, determining hair color, eye color, and what diseases you are most at risk for developing.  A common lab activity is rolling dice to determine which characteristics you might receive. Epigenetics shines new light on the basic understanding of DNA. We used to believe that genes determined everything, it was the blueprint that a body followed through life.  Health and disease potential were fixed and set in your DNA.  Since the early 1970’s, those beliefs have been changed through the discovery of epigenomes, and how they affect the human body. The epigenome is the sum of the chemical compounds that have been added to the entirety of an individual’s DNA (genome) in response to the environment (i.e. diet, stress…) as a way to regulate the activity and expression of all the genes (epigenetics) within the genome.  While DNA are the different pieces of the puzzle that is the body, epigenetics is the directions for how those genes, the “pieces” are used. This occurs throughout life. Epigenetic alterations can and will occur at any time, including conception, pregnancy, puberty, stress and beyond. These are normal processes that take place throughout the course of existence, and control how a body changes and adapts to its environment. In addition to these normal processes, it has been discovered that environmental factors and life events can affect each individual’s epigenome as well, which means you have a significant amount of control over your health now and your health in the future. Epigenetics brings your health within your grasp.  It means that you have influence over your health and the health of future generations. Lives are no longer determined by the game of human roulette that takes place during conception.

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Lyme disease

This digitally-colored scanning electron micrograph depicts a grouping of numerous Gram-negative, anaerobic, Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, the pathogen behind Lyme disease. Credit: CDC/Janice Carr.


What Is Lyme Disease?


Lyme disease is a bacterial infection transmitted primarily by Ixodes ticks, or deer ticks, and black-legged ticks. Over 300,000 patients are diagnosed annually with substantial indications that there are many more patients who have not been diagnosed — identifying and treating this infection is a growing challenge.


Although far less recognized, even the diagnosed cases of Lyme disease outnumber the cases of breast cancer and HIV/AIDS.


So, how do you recognize Lyme disease? That too can be a challenge.

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Your DNA is not your Destiny


Your DNA Is No Longer Your Destiny


Is your destiny written in your DNA? For years, scientists believed that a person’s DNA – the complex genetic code that carries all the information needed for your growth and development – was a fixed and unchanging set of “instructions” that directed the body’s processes from birth to death. But new insights from the emerging field of epigenetics suggest that these genetic instructions can be modified by external factors, with profound implications for health, wellness, disease and the aging process.


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Wellness Knows no Age Limits


It’s never too late to turn your health around. Just ask DW, who completely transformed his health and his life at the age of 69 with a set of diet, exercise and lifestyle changes that increased muscle mass, reduced fat and boosted his metabolic rate by more than 200 points. Here’s how he did it — and proved that wellness knows no age limits.


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Summertime Lyme?


Late summer and early fall in East Tennessee is the perfect time to make fun outdoor memories. Take a few minutes to google Smoky Mountains. You will find pages of activities ranging from hiking, biking, camping, horseback riding, fly fishing, tubing, and picnicking. The adventure options are endless.  Start making your plans!


Summer. Outdoors. What could possibly go wrong?


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Testosterone and sexual dysfunction in men: perception vs. reality


Sexual dysfunction begins and ends with Testosterone.  Or does it?


Is sexual dysfunction and Testosterone in men evidence-based reality?




Is this sexual dysfunction and Testosterone in men based on perception without evidence?


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What is Wellness Medicine? A life lesson.


Life is a story and each story is a lesson to be learned.


I recently wrote a new chapter in my story.  This chapter would have been one I would rather not have written.  Despite living a healthy lifestyle (yes, I practice what I preach), I recently developed severe hypertension.  Long story short, I was diagnosed with a Pheochromocytoma—a rare tumor of the adrenal gland which secretes high levels of catecholamines (epinephrine and norepinephrine).  This zebra of a diagnosis causes out of control elevated blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, anxiety…  The only known treatment and cure, whether natural or traditional, is the surgical removal of the tumor.


This story taught me a very valuable lesson.  A lesson that can be found in the question: what is wellness medicine?


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Dear New Year’s Resolution–it was nice while it lasted.



Dear New Year’s Resolutions,


It was nice while it lasted.






Now that we are 31 days and counting into 2017, many of us are admitting defeat in our list of resolutions.   Excuses are as varied as the initial intentions.  The dryer shrunk my jeans, there’s no time to exercise, but at least the cookies were gluten free.  As I scan through Facebook entries and personal blogs, the recurring theme is one of self-deprecation.  So, what’s the point?

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What is wellness and how well are you aging?

Medicine is in need of a paradigm change.   The health of individuals cannot be managed through the disease model of medicine.  The disease model of medicine is good if disease is your focus, but if the goal of the disease model is to diagnose and manage disease, how can wellness be integrated?  It cannot.  A new model is required.  A wellness model is needed.  A model to ask different questions.   A model to search for different answers.  A model to reach for different goals.  A model to focus on wellness and not on disease.


No longer can the only question be ‘do you have disease’.  The lack of disease does not indicate the presence of wellness.  Many people don’t have disease, yet they are not well.  How well are you aging?  This question highlights the difference in the disease and the wellness paradigm.  The question is not looking for disease, but is instead looking for the degree of wellness.


Are you well?  How well are you aging?



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Annual road to weight-loss nowhere.  What is a ketogenic diet?


Merry Christmas.  Happy Hannukkah.  Happy New Year.  Tis the season to celebrate.  Tis the season to give.  Tis the season to receive.  Unfortunately, when it comes to the waist line, the season tends to gives back more than it receives.


The average American will gain up to 7 pounds over the extended Holiday season.  As a result of the Holiday bulge, many will engage in the annual pilgrimage.   Each New Year, Americans pay homage to tradition and bring a resolution of a new diet to start the new pilgrimage to trim the waistline.  Each year, Americans start down the road to weight-loss nowhere.


I would love to say that there is one diet that will fix all waistlines, but there is no perfect diet to fit all metabolic needs.  The key in weight loss is to differentiate fad from science to promote healthy, long-term fat loss and muscle growth.  Many weight loss fads promote water loss, muscle loss and short term weight loss only.  These types of weight loss programs actually set the body up for long term weight loss failure.   I want to take this opportunity to review a well recognized, well researched, but often misunderstood dietary strategy: the ketogenic diet–the diet with benefits beyond weight-loss.


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Tis the Season for Lighting up Your Nucleus Accumbens


It is estimated that Americans consume 22 teaspoons of sugar a day.  Studies have shown that sugary, processed foods trigger a special region in the brain called the nucleus accumbens.  This is the pleasure center which when activated can lead to addictions.   In other words, once this pathway is stimulated, the intoxication from the sugar high, makes you feel as if you can never get enough.


Take for example, a 20 ounce bottle of soda with 65 grams of sugar.  Your gut quickly absorbs the liquid sugar which causes a domino effect of high blood sugar leading to high insulin levels.  Insulin increases storage of belly fat and inflammation.  Insulin blocks your appetite –control hormone, leptin.  Now the brain never gets the message that you are full.  Instead it thinks you are starving.  This lights up your nucleus accumbens driving you to crave more sugar and processed foods.

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Dr Goodyear speaks at AFMA 2016

Dr. Goodyear was honored to again speak at the American Functional Medicine Association annual meeting in Atlanta, GA.  Dr.img_2523
Goodyear joined an outstanding list of speakers at the 2016 AFMA meeting.  Dr. Goodyear spoke on the topic of ‘Physician Burnout’.


The first literary reference to physician burnout was a novel written in 1960 with the first definition of physician burnout originating in 1975.   Over 40 years of research on physician burnout has focused on defining physician burnout, identifying the components of physician burnout, and obtaining statistics of physician burnout.  Despite 40+ years of research, the trend of physician burnout is headed in the wrong direction.  In 2001, the rate of physician burnout was 22%.  The most recent statistics, from 2016, put the rate of physician burnout in excess of 55%.


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Dive deep into Hormone metabolism with Dr Goodyear at 2015 AFMA

It has been said that brevity is the soul of whit.  However, when it comes to the physiology of the body, brevity is the soul of ignorance.  In reality, truth is evident in the complexity of the body’s physiology.


Hormones are the perfect example.  Hormones are simple, right?  Men are just Testosterone and women are just Estrogen.  This is the way marketing portrays hormones.  I often call it marketing-based medicine.  In more recent years, you can see this thought in the massive uptick in the prescription of Testosterone for men.  Unfortunately, 25% of men are never diagnosed with low Testosterone prior to initiation of therapy and 21% of men are never re-evaluated after starting Testosterone therapy.  That is not therapy, but is in fact doping.


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Dr Goodyear to speak at AFMA


logo-1-3-39-31-pmDr. Goodyear will be speaking at the annual American Functional Medicine Association in Atlanta, Ga next week. Physicians from around the world will meet in Atlanta next week to hear from experts in the field of Functional Medicine.  Dr. Goodyear will be speaking on the topic of Physician Burnout out.


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What is Wellness?

“The doctor of the future will not prescribe medicines, but rather, he will focus on true remedies for the human frame and in the prevention of diseases”. Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison


What is Wellness?


The word Wellness is everywhere.  You can find it at the grocery store. You can find it at the pharmacy.  You can find it at your local gym.  You can even find it in reference to business and finance.  With so many using Wellness in marketing, what does Wellness actually mean?


Wellness can mean different things to different people.  Wellness, as a word, is open to individual perspective and interpretation.  However, words still mean what they say.  I want to present what Wellness is from a Health care perspective.

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“androgen use and abuse is increasing in our society, either for therapeutic or recreational reasons”.


Vascular Health Risk Management 2008




Today is the age of twitter, emojis, 30 second commercial ads,  abbreviations, character limitation and limited attention span.   The old adage is ‘brevity is the soul of wit’.  In this new age of character limitation that is the result of limited attention span, brevity is the soul of communication.  To be consistent with the age, I give you brevity in a title: 50–25—21.  


What is 50–25—21?   The 50—25—21 is a rule, a rule to separate therapeutic uses of Testosterone from recreational uses of Testosterone.  The 50—25—21 rule is a reference to the statistics of Testosterone therapy found in the medical science.  The 50–25–21 rule allows one to separate physiologic, evidence-based Testosterone therapy from recreational, non-evidence-based Testosterone therapy—or simply Testosterone doping.  As the quote above points out, androgen use and abuse, at the hands of physicians, is increasing in our society.


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Embracing the “C” word (no, not that one)


Sometimes Nurse Practitioners who practice wellness get a personal wake up call.  After a recent phone call, I was immediately transported back 20 years ago when I received an almost identical call.  Both times, I understood the information.  Both times, I instantly denied the information.  But each time, reality seeped into every adrenaline soaked brain cell.  The biopsy report was positive for cancer.


My initial prognosis had mixed reviews.  The surgeon was hopeful – the specialist not so much.  The days and weeks that followed were full of opportunities to choose between fear or courage.  I became a student of the many promises from God that I had taken for granted.   I found myself more acutely aware of fellow sufferers in this “cancer club” and began praying for them with a new zeal.


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Lifestyle Intervention–Jack’s Magic beans

Have you seen Jack’s magic beans?   In one way or another, everybody is looking for Jack’s magic beans.  Everyone knows the story.  Jack, at a whim, traded his milk cow for the “magic beans”.  Despite his mother’s rebuke, Jack’s trade eventually proved to bear fruit, that is the fruit of the goose that laid the golden eggs.  The relevance of Jack’s magic bean to health is significant.  Everyone is looking for the magic beans of health.  The magic beans of prescription medications.  The magic beans of surgery.  Everybody is looking for the golden goose of health through the healthcare magic beans.  But, do they exist?


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Natural therapies and the flu–what does the evidence show?


The influenza virus

My previous post focused on the evidence of the flu vaccine and the prevention of the flu via the flu vaccine.  As the evidence consistently shows, the flu vaccine does not prevent flu transmission and/or prevent complications from the flu.  That is in addition to the historically very low match rates.  This is not my opinion; this is not marketing; this simply is what the evidence shows.  If you haven’t read that post and the evidence, I encourage you to stop and read the previous post on the evidence against the flu vaccine now.


If the the flu vaccine doesn’t prevent the flu, then how can you protect against the flu?  Do we simply run the immune system roulette table every cold/flu season?  How can you treat the flu if you are unfortunate to welcome the influenza virus into your home?  Is all hope lost in our ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones against the cold and flu?


All hope is not lost.  Below, I list natural, evidence-based therapies to prevent the influenza virus invasion and treat the influenza virus if the invasion does occur.  The therapies listed are some of the more evidence-based therapies out there.  These therapies will also work well against the other encountered viruses so prevalent this time of year.


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Small steps to begin a Healthy 2016


As I moved through the holiday season with family and friends, I heard all the chatter of losing weight in the New Year. With a cookie or a dipped chip in hand we talked of our plans for shedding these indulgent pounds that we had gained over the last months, or maybe years. There are hundreds of dietary theories of how to combat the holiday bulge that becomes the yearly bulge. How do you decide which bulge battling theory is right for you? Here are 5 small steps that are great for EVERYONE seeking a new year of healthy lifestyle change:


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The flu vaccine: Is the proof in the pudding?

UnknownThe first crisp mornings of the year, the return of the pigskin, and the sweeping color changes found throughout the landscape—I love fall.  Fall is a welcome change after the long heat of Summer.  Fall brings many things, some good and some bad.  Just as fall moves us past the summer heat, fall also ushers in the cold weather and the dreaded cold and flu season.


The statements about the flu season are as prevalent as the virus itself: the flu vaccine is “as good as gold, the “proof is in the pudding”, and “protect with the flu vaccine”.   I recently saw an ad campaign for the flu vaccine state: “the value of wellness”, implying that the flu vaccine equaled wellness.   I even heard a medical report, by a physician no less, on the radio say “its better than nothing”.


So, I got to thinking—with the cold and flu season upon us, does the scientific data support the flu vaccine.  Not, what does the collective think.  Not, what does marketing based-medicine say, but what does the evidence show.  What is the best way to protect my and your family during this cold and flu season?  How can one treat and even prevent the flu this upcoming season.  Is it as good as gold?  Is it better than nothing?  Is the flu vaccine the value of wellness? Is the flu vaccine the proof that is in the pudding?  No opinions, just evidence.


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What they don’t know, they think they know


I don’t like to use this blog post to speak out on current events, there are plenty of other places for people to read opinion on current events. The purpose of this blog is to focus on the science of Wellness, not opinion.  However, sometimes current events require me to speak out.   This happened recently with what appears to be a mass media push on the dangers of supplements.  In this case, the media and physicians in the media displayed amazing ignorance of the scientific evidence.


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Estrogen metabolites: the good, the bad, and the ugly?

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”



Estrogen metabolites.



The good, the bad, the ugly.  Estrogen metabolites are the Clint Eastwood of hormone metabolites.  That is the way Hollywood would market estrogen metabolites if they were slated for a prime time Hollywood production.  Unfortunately, that is also the way most medical press presents it.  Estrogen is the beginning and the end of the story.  Estrogen alone is active.  Estrogen metabolites are inactive compounds targeted for elimination only.  This is the story line followed by most in the medical community.  Is this sound science?  Is this simply a Hollywood mirage repeated over and over by physicians in hopes that truth will present itself through repetition or does the real science of estrogen metabolites tell a different story?


No opinion, just science.


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Begin optimal athletic performance with vitamin D

It’s football time in Tennessee!


This is quit a common saying that can be heard in the hills of  east Tennessee this time of year.


Football season is upon us.  Particularly, college football season and the Tennessee volunteers.  The night air has cooled (a bit).  Summer camps have ended.  It is time for football.  I won’t hide my allegiance to the Tennessee volunteers.  I am a vol for life.  Where ever your allegiance lies, Georgia, Ohio State, or heaven forbid Alabama (just a friendly jab for all my Bama friends), these are exciting times.  


This is the time of year that all fans can be excited.  All fans can chant “we are #1”.  All teams have no losses.  The sky is the limit.  Optimism is as real as the coming change of leaves.  Yet, there is one thing that can quickly dash all hopes and optimism—it is called injuries.  A recent article highlighting the injury situation at Tennessee after pre-season camp caught my attention.

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Man Boobs to Metabolic Syndrome–Inflammation


Inflammation10Inflammation is a hot topic button these days.  It is hard to read any medical or Health related publications and not read something about inflammation and its contribution to medical problems, disease, and the obstacle it provides to Health.   Increased inflammation is found in people with low vitamin D.  Increased inflammation results from imbalanced gut bacteria and contributes to extreme metabolic dysfunction and eventually metabolic syndrome.  Good nutrition can reduce inflammation; a lack of good nutrition results in inflammation.   Obesity is associated with increased systemic inflammation and the result is increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  Inflammation is critical to the environment that favors cancer development.  Whatever the headline, inflammation’s impact on health and disease is hard to miss.


What Does inflammation have to do with Testosterone in men?  Quit a bit actually.


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Dr Goodyear speaks at Fagron Academy in Miami

logo_1Dr Goodyear had the honor of speaking at the Fagron Academy Advanced BHRT symposium in Miami, FL 6.21.15.  The Fagron Academy is a comprehensive educational experience for pharmacy professionals.  Dr Goodyear spoke on the topic Man Boob Nation to Metabolic Syndrome and Beyond.  Dr Goodyear highlighted an Integrative medical approach in the treatment of low Testosterone in men as found in the scientific literature—no opinion, just scientific evidence.  Dr Goodyear also highlighted the causes of low Testosterone in men, as highlighted in his book Man Boob Nation, and the metabolic dysfunction that results from low Testosterone in men.  Dr Goodyear followed the timeline of low Testosterone as an effect, to low Testosterone as a cause of metabolic dysfunction, and the disease that results.


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Man Boobs to Metabolic Syndrome–Muscle loss


Testosterone and Muscle loss in men.


Ninety-eight percent failure rate!  Who would initiate something that had a 98% failure rate; let alone, repeat the failure over and over again?  It sounds sadistic.  It is the definition of insanity. But, that is exactly what Americans do with weight loss.  With such a low success rate in the weight loss industry, one might conclude that there is little $$ value in the weight loss industry.  That assumption would be wrong.  According to the 2014 status of US market on the weight loss industry, the value of the weight loss industry was valued at $60.8 billion.   That is $60.8 billion for a success rate of 2%.  That makes the government look like a well-oiled, efficient machine—not!


Why do 98% of weight loss programs fail?


Do weight loss programs fail to help people lose weight?


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Serious flaws in “major new study” on vitamins and cancer risk

There are serious flaws with a “major new study” on cancer risks for those who take vitamins.  Unknown


  • First, this is the old rehash of synthetic versus natural vitamins.  They are not the same and thus risks/benefits are also not equally the same.  This is from the same medical industry that sees no difference between progesterone and medroxyprogesterone acetate (provera).


  • Second, the majority of the studies reviewed in this “major new study” involved individuals never tested for vitamin need prior to initiation of vitamin therapy.  What was the vitamin need to begin with?  Where vitamins even necessary?  The majority of studies on vitamins have not tested vitamin need prior to initiation of therapy, nor have they then followed vitamin levels during/after therapy to see if the therapy is even increasing levels.  Without following levels how can one conclude that the vitamin is the cause?  A presumption does not make a conclusion.


  • Third,  since when was one person’s meta-analysis a “major new study”.  I didn’t realize all the “major new studies” I have—I better get to work.


  • Fourth, though the risk is likely real with synthetic vitamins, the risk is small and pales in comparison to lets say sugar, which is available and used in massively larger amounts daily when compared to synthetic vitamins i.e. 19% increase in prostate cancer with synthetic vitamin E compared to 57% increase in breast cancer with a high glycemic index diet and and 153% increase in breast cancer with a high glycemic load.


This rehash and small impact more points to an agenda in this “major new study”, rather than real new evidence of risk and hides from the real driving forces behind cancer–diet.  After all, it was a 2012 “major new study” that stated: “Fraud and misconduct in clinical research is widespread“.  In fact, fraud in research has increased dramatically and is the cause of 43% of study redactions.  This may give the impression that I have a problem with medical research.  Actually, the opposite is true.  I love research and the debate of research.  What I don’t like is an agenda supported by faulty research and statistics.  Let’s be honest, everyone has an agenda, but is that agenda supported by solid research, solid statistics, and full truth disclosure.  An agenda is simply a purpose.  A purpose founded in truth is supported by solid research, solid statistics, and full disclosure.  In contrast, a purpose founded in poor research, poor statistics, and half-truths is not solid and will fail.  It was Benjamin Disraeli that said “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damed lies, and statistics.”


Oh, by the way, “major new study” has found that to much broccoli, brussel sprouts, and other vegetable intake will increase cancer risk (sarcasm).  Remember, vegetables are packed full of those deadly vitamins.  Who knew we grew these cancer sticks right in our own gardens?

Keep on Track with your Health–Simple Nutrition


Keeping On Track With Your Health- It Really Can Be Simple.      


January, February, March have passed by and we are now moving into April.  So, how is your health?  How are your new year resolutions to improve your Health going?


By this time each year, many have fizzled in their efforts to improve their Health (whether it is to eat healthy, exercise, lose weight or just stay fit).  Healthy nutrition seems to be extremely difficult with convenient (food that is quick and lacks nutritional value) and tempting foods so easily accessible.  Living in Knoxville, with so many eateries, it seems so easy to pick up fast food, or eat at a quick line restaurant or even a sit down restaurants.


At what cost?


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Living Healthy is easy! Grow Microgreens

Living Healthy is easy!



Living Healthy is easy–I promise.  Living Healthy just requires rethinking and a little planning.  We have been raised in and taught to live in a Disease world for so long that we have forgotten how to live Healthy.  Disease living has become the new normal.  It is as if we are simply a commodity to feed an industry based on Disease.  Healthy living is not difficult, it just requires a change of habits—a new way of thinking—a first step.



Lifestyle transitions require small steps.  Today is the first small step—growing Microgreens at home.


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Man Boobs to Metabolic Syndrome–Obesity




The number 1 visual of the poor health epidemic in the US and the world is the ever growing numbers of overweight and obese people.  According to the CDC, it is estimated that over 1/3 of American adults are obese.  That equals 34.9% of American adults.  In actual numbers, that 34.9% equals 78.6 million adults.  Add in those that are overweight and the percentage of those that are either overweight or obese increases to 69% or 154.7 million adults.  That leaves a staggering 31% of Americans that are normal weight.


The distinction of the highest increasing prevalence of obesity is found in women over the age of 60.  But that is in adults in the here and now.  What of America’s future?  Is the future bright or bleak?   The younger generations hold the future of America and its Health in its hands.   According to the CDC, the future looks bleek and very big:


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Theft of Wellness


History is filled with great heists. There was the theft of Rembrandt, Manet, and Vermeer art in the great Gardner Museum heist of 1990.  The Great Train Robbery of 1963 resulted in the theft of $41 million dollars.  One of the more elaborate thefts involved the Banco Central of Brazil via the construction of a 250 ft air conditioned, lighted tunnel.  The most recent hacker heist involved north of $1 billion.


Hollywood has not been lost on the recount of a good heist.  The “Sting”, starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, followed the con of thousands of dollars in the 20’s set movie.  The more recent “Oceans Eleven” followed an elaborate heist of a Las Vegas casino.


It seems the media is big on reporting a heist—whether it be via the news or in the movies.  The heist that I am writing about does not involve money, nor is it Hollywood’s latest, greatest heist screen play.  The heist that I am writing about is more subtle.  No story has been written on this heist.  No screenplay of this heist will hit movie theaters anytime soon.  This great heist is the theft of a word—specifically the theft of the meaning of a word.  What word?  The word is …


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Man Boobs to Metabolic Syndrome

“Androgen use and abuse is increasing in our society, either for therapeutic or recreational reasons”. —Vascular Health Risk Management 2008


If Testosterone in men is simply ED and low libido, then Testosterone is nothing more then recreation.  But, if low Testosterone is associated with metabolic dysfunction and this metabolic dysfunction has implications for disease development, then low Testosterone and thus Testosterone therapy has a therapeutic role in a man’s Health.


Does low Testosterone increase Cardiovascular disease in men?  Does Testosterone therapy increase Cardiovascular disease in men?  Is low Testosterone even a problem in men, or is it simply a marketing fallacy?  Is Testosterone the effect or the cause?  Is there a timeline of low Testosterone in the development of disease for men?  Are men simply Testosterone fueled erections as marketing implies or is Testosterone simple one piece of the puzzle in men’s health?  Lets look for answers to these questions in science, not in opinion.   Is Testosterone the cause, the effect, or both?   The answer is yes, yes, and you guessed it—yes.


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Thyroid and Thyroid metabolism: follow the science or follow opinion?


“The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading”.Knowledge

-David Bailey


What does this quote have to do with Thyroid metabolism and Thyroid metabolites?  Directly, not a lot.  Indirectly—a whole lot.  I believe this quote points to an often unrecognized problem that permeates under the surface of medicine today–an ever prevalent problem, but a never visually evident problem.  The average physician lacks a current, working knowledge of scientific evidence due to a lack of reading.  How can this be?  We physicians get caught into a trap.  We spend the better part of 12+ years in higher education (when you count college, medical school, and medical residency).  Once completed, there is a sense of accomplishment that cripples most physicians.  The volume of knowledge learned leads to the conclusion that there is little left to be learned.  This thinking permeates the medical community and it breeds complacency.  This complacency leads to a no-growth curve in the average physician’s knowledge.   Without daily reading, new discoveries and new knowledge will quickly bypass the average physician leaving the average physician practicing far behind the current science.


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A Healthy, Wellness Lifestyle in 2015 begins today.








“All of our dreams can come true if we just have the courage to pursue them.”


                                                                                                    – Walt Disney


Does success just happen?


Is success the result of chance?


Or, is success the result of decisions, goals, the right team of people, and timely opportunity?


Of course, I follow the latter belief.   Success is the result of hard work, big goals, the right team of people and being in the right place at the right time through preparation.


Now is the time to prepare for success!  Success in Health for 2015 starts now!  Whether the goal is maintaing Health or achieving Health, successes achieved in 2015 begins now.


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Dr Goodyear Speaks at AFMA in Atlanta

Dr Goodyear was  honored to speak at the American Functional Medicine Association Fall Conference in Atlanta.  Dr Goodyear joined an all-star line up of speakers including: Eldred Taylor MD, David Zava PhD, Matthew Sandry MD, Tim Guilford MD, Russell Jaffe, MD PhD, Aristo Vojdani PhD and many others, at the Functional Medicine Conference in Atlanta.   Combined, the speakers have published hundreds of scientific articles and books.  Dr Goodyear lectured on the scientific evidence behind the causes of the Metabolic dysfunction of Metabolic Syndrome and presented a Functional Medicine approach for a healing strategy to Metabolic Syndrome.  Some of the data presented in the presentation can be found in the prior video blog “Ins/outs of Metabolic Syndrome“.  Dr Goodyear is next scheduled to speak at the A4M Functional and Regenerative Conference in Las Vegas on 12.12.14 on “ManBoobs to Metabolic Syndrome”.



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Have you Heard of Einkorn?

Have Your Heard of Einkorn?


Einkorn wheat

Einkorn wheat

Einkorn.  Now that is an interesting word; but what is it?  It is an ancient variety of wheat primarily grown in Europe and is quite different than the modern wheat we in America are eating.  However, it is beginning to gain some interest, and I will tell you why.   Archeological findings have shown that people in the Fertile Crescent gathered wild einkorn wheat thousands of years ago.  They realized that they could plant einkorn seeds and they began to grow this ancient wheat.  The genetics of einkorn wheat has not changed since that time.  However, other types of wheat have been created by hybridization.  Like einkorn, most plants are diploid, which means they have two sets of 7 chromosomes.  When other types of wheat were created, through ancient hybridization and more recent—genetic modification, additional sets of chromosomes were added.  Following Einkorn, Emmer wheat was created 2000 years ago by the natural hybridization of two wild grasses with a result of 28 total chromosomes.  Other wheat, Kamut and Duram wheat, are descendants of EmmerSpelt was the result of the first wheat hybridization between cultivated Emmer and a wild grass, creating a species with 42 chromosomes.  Now, back before 1960, we used to consume ancient wheat varieties such as Emmer, Einkorn and Kamut.  However, almost all the wheat eaten today is high-yield dwarf wheat, which was developed by cross-breeding and genetic manipulation that started around 1960.  Dwarf wheat has shorter stems and a quicker and greater yield than the ancient varieties.  Thus, the modern dwarf wheat is more cost effective, has a  higher yield, and can be grown more cheaply than the older varieties.  For the wheat industry, the high-yield crop is obviously more profitable.  But at what cost?

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Confession of a Recovered Fat man–Lavender

silhouette-obese-man-300x300Confession of a Recovered Fat man


The more I live the more I realize I don’t know.


The more I practice medicine, the more I realize I don’t know.  The more I realize God does know.


Yard to Table is a category of blog posts through which I seek to highlight readily available natural therapies all around us.  Not only do natural therapies work, I will highlight the mechanisms of their actions found in the science.


A recent personal experience highlights the power of natural healing right around us.

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The Walking Drugged

The walking drugged


“Drugs never cure disease. They merely hush the voice of nature’s protest, and pull down the danger signals she erects along the pathway of transgression. Any poison taken into the system has to be reckoned with later on even though it palliates present symptoms. Pain may disappear, but the patient is left in a worse condition, though unconscious of it at the time.” Daniel. H. Kress, M.D.


In honor of October, the upcoming new season of the Walking Dead and all zombie lovers everywhere, I want to discuss zombies.  Not the hollywood version, but the real zombies.  Zombies are real and present today.  I have previously written about the growing zombie epidemic in our culture.  The zombie epidemic continues to grow.  The glaring new fact is that those effected are younger and younger.   Now,  our children are targeted.


Kansas has declared October Zombie Preparedness month.  Could this be the real zombie apocalypse?


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The unlikely Origins of the Hot Flash


September is Menopause Awareness Month.


In support of Menopause Awareness Month, and women struggling with Hot Flashes everywhere, I want to highlight 5 unlikely causes of Hot Flashes.  Sure low Estrogen can cause Hot Flashes, but is that all there is to a Hot Flash?


For so many, Menopause or Peri-menopause for women means Hot Flashes.  Hot flashes are the #1 identified menopausal symptom.   Whether they be day or night, they are still Hot Flashes.  Some women struggle with severe Hot Flashes, other women battle almost no Hot Flashes.  Why the difference?  Simply stated, Hot Flashes are complex.  If Hot Flashes were simply the result of a decline in Estrogen during the Menopause transition, as most marketing implies, then all women would struggle with Hot Flashes in the Menopause transition.  But obviously, Hot Flashes (and Menopause for that matter) is so much more than declining Estrogen levels.  The following 5 unrecognized causes of Hot Flashes will reveal the complexity of the dreaded Hot Flash.


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Testosterone Quagmire

“Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”

—John Gray PhD


Women and men are very different.  The concept seems fairly easy to grasp.  Most get it.  It seems obvious.  Even the science supports it.  However, this point seems to escape most in Medicine today.


The perfect example of this biochemical difference is found in Testosterone.  The effects and risks of Testosterone in women stand in stark contrast to men.   Low Testosterone is associated with an increased cardiovascular disease risk in men.  Yet, elevated Testosterone is associated with an increased cardiovascular disease risk in women.  A recent publication highlights the different Testosterone picture in women with obesity and Metabolic Syndrome (elevated Testosterone) and men with obesity and Metabolic Syndrome (low Testosterone).


Join Nan Sprouse as she discusses the quagmire of Testosterone in women in her latest video blog.  No opinion here, just science.

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Man Boobs to Metabolic Syndrome

Does Testosterone therapy increase Cardiovascular disease in men?  Does low Testosterone increase Cardiovascular disease in men?  Is low Testosterone even a problem in men, or is it simply a marketing fallacy?  Is there a timeline of low Testosterone to the development of disease in men to follow?  Are men simply Testosterone fueled erections as marketing implies or is Testosterone simply one piece of the puzzle in men’s health?   Is Testosterone the effect, the cause, or both?



As it relates to Testosterone, that is all we get today–questions.  Is Testosterone safe?  Is Testosterone dangerous?  How about some answers?  This new video post will  review the scientific evidence and the timeline of Low Testosterone to Cardiovascular disease in men.  No opinions here, just let the science highlight the metabolic dysfunction that is the result of low Testosterone.  The result is Metabolic Syndrome that is the door way to disease for men.  Dr Goodyear will answer these questions and more as he moves beyond Man Boob Nation to “Man Boobs to Metabolic Syndrome”.


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Dorothy, there is no place like home!

Yard to table blog exists to highlight and integrate natural therapies into the everyday life.   Natural, Healthy living is not hard.  In fact, the means to live Healthy is all around us.  Most just need to start. Most just need to take that first step towards Health.


So many of the toxins and health disruptors that we encounter everyday occur right in the very site that should be the safest—our homes.  UnknownAs Dorothy stated, “There is no place like home”.  Unfortunately, for toxins, that quote rings true.  We expose our families to chemicals and toxins through the foods that we eat and the chemicals that we use.  The EPA estimates that the air inside the home is 2-5 x more toxic than outside the home.  For many, stepping outside the home is the first step towards Health.  What better place to start Healthy living than right at home.


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The more we know, the more we realize we don’t know


The more we know, the more we realize we don’t know…if we are honest with ourselves.



Know your number?  Know you numbers?  That is how the marketing goes for Testosterone.  As if the Testosterone number is all there is to know.   The same could be applied to women.  Instead of the low T marketing campaigns, we could all be bombarded with low P commercials instead.  The same logic would apply— women struggle with “low P” the same time men start to struggle with “low T”.  So why no “low P” campaigns?  We learned years ago that focusing on the “low P” loses the forest for the trees.  With men, medicine is repeating the same mistakes that it made with women decades ago.  


The more appropriate question is— is the individual healthy?  Instead of the question what is your number, the better questions would be— what is your hormone balance, what are your hormone receptors, and what is your hormone metabolism.  Know what your body is doing with the hormones that are produced endogenously or given as replacement exogenously.  The key moment for evaluation would be prior to the initiation of hormone therapy.  The same questions could and should be applied to all hormones. I have previously applied these questions to Testosterone metabolism and Cortisol metabolism.  This post, I will apply the questions to Progesterone and Progesterone metabolism.


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All things Mushrooms!



What does that make you think of?


Psychedelic mushrooms?  Smoking mushrooms?  Culinary mushrooms? Gateway drugs?  Poison?


Mushrooms can be many and all of these.  But, I want to discuss the amazing medicinal value of mushrooms.  Not the “medicinal” that has been abused and misused for political and/or marketing purposes.  I am talking about mushrooms that have powerful healing effects—effects supported in the scientific literature.


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Chicken or the Egg?

Is it the chicken or the Egg?the-chicken-or-the-egg-1


No, I am not talking about produce or your local farmer’s coop.  I am talking about stress.  More specifically, I am talking about cortisol.


I can still recall my discussion with a colleague recently: the colleague said, “I don’t believe in the words adrenal fatigue”.  I found that odd.  A physician concerning herself over the use of words?  Whether it is adrenal fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, or hypoadrenia, whether one believes in it or not— it exists (kind of like the “earth is flat society”).  As if saying I don’t believe in words, thus that which the words describe does not exist.  As if fibromyalgia didn’t exist until the words fibromyalgia came to be.  This is Illogic at the least and lunacy at its worst.  Sounds more like the word police.  For the purpose of this post, I will refer to adrenal fatigue as hypoadrenia just in case this individual happens to read this post.  I don’t want words to get in the way of this physician learning the truth.


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the journey along the middle prong river trail to Health

It is hard!


Health is to hard.  Many don’t achieve it because it is to hard.  These were the words of a recent conversation I had with a friend and client.


Is Health hard?  Is Wellness really unobtainable?  I may surprise you with my answer—for many the answer is unfortunately yes.  The answer is not due to access to the ability to be Healthy and Well, but because they just don’t want to be.  They like being unhealthy.  In fact, the name of the disease that they carry is their identity.  You take away their disease, you take away their identity.  These individuals simply don’t want to make any changes necessary to achieve Health and Wellness.


But is Health that hard?  The answer is no.


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Yard to Table

Yard to Table


The mornings start cool.  The days end warm.  It is May and Farmer’s Market time in east Tennessee.


Call me a kid in a candy store. I love the Farmer’s Market.


The first Farmer’s market of 2014 kicked off its 11th year in Market Square in downtown Knoxville recently.  The Farmer’s market will be a regular event on my families schedule saturdays this summer.  At least I will be there.  My teenagers?  That may be too much to ask.


These must not miss events bring together people of all walks of life.  The young, the old, the single, the married, the dog lovers (sorry, I didn’t see any cats for you cat lovers) come together to meet, to talk, to learn, and to support local farmers and merchants.  I learned so much this past saturday, I thought I would share the people and the new information learned as I meet and develop new friendships at the local Farmer’s Market.

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Blinded with Science reload

This post is a follow-up to a previous post–Blinded with Science.   I am reloading with more evidence on Testosterone therapy in men.Unknown


In this previous post, I documented the flaws of the 3 most recently publicized studies.  A quick review is in order.  One of the studies should be redacted due to numerous study design flaws and conclusions.  Another study merely reflected the negative effects of massive Testosterone doping that is, unfortunately, far to common place under the guidance of physicians in aging men.  The third study revealed an increase risk of non-fatal heart attacks in men older than 65 irrespective of whether cardiovascular disease existed and in those < 65 with pre-existing cardiovascular disease.   I contrasted the numerous studies that showed the associations with low Testosterone and cardiovascular disease in men and documented the safety of Testosterone therapy in men with prior cardiovascular disease in those properly evaluated and properly followed.  That though is the key to effective, safe Testosterone therapy–a physician or medical provider that has a strong working knowledge of Hormones.  As simple as it would be to make men all about Testosterone, the history of Estrogen therapy in women makes clear the folly of this path.


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Confessions of a Recovered Fat man


Confessions of a recovered fat man.silhouette-obese-man


You never know what you are going to find until you look.


Too so many, the definition of health and wellness is a projection of outward appearance.  A person looks the part of health and therefore de facto they must be healthy.  However, outward appearances of health often have little to do with internal health.  In fact, I would tell you that some of my most unhealthy clients fit this outward definition of health.

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What is a Heart Healthy Diet?

What is a Heart Healthy Diet?

As I mentioned last month, I want to devote this blog to a healthy diet with an emphasis on heart health and disease prevention.  My hope is that I will encourage you to be your own best health advocate on what you should eat.  One word I want you to consider while reading this article is indoctrination.  As I research and study the many recommendations… low carb, paleo, low fat, vegan, Mediterranean and Myplate.gov. etc., I recognize that we have to be careful to sort out any bias and indoctrination of any possible profit motive information that would distort accurate research and information to benefit our health.  Keep in mind that there is not one perfect diet.  Many diets claim to be the one best way to eat.  A one-size-fits-all approach never works—nutrition is no different.  We must realize that we are in different stages of life and some of us are very healthy while others are struggling with compromised health.  From last month’s blog, I pointed out that the American Dietary Guidelines indoctrinated us into believing that an unhealthy low fat, high carb (also refined) diet was healthy even heart healthy.  Instead of improving health, statistics point to a declining health in Americans.  This can be found in the rising rates of heart disease, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes and other chronic disease states.  Let us take a closer look at the heart disease statistics.


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Blinded with Science

Blinded with Science!images


Blinded me with Science is how the phrase goes.  I’m a man of the 80’s—the parachute pants, the members only jacket, the prepped, the big hair and the music. The music of the 80’s is the music that I grew up on; it is the music that I fall back too.  One of the earliest songs and videos (back when MTV started and actually showed music videos) that I can remember was the song “She Blinded me with Science”.    This song is a good fit to lead into this discussion on the science of low Testosterone and Testosterone therapy.  There is so much information that bombards us daily, that we can easily be blinded by the science.


In case you have been living in a shell recently.  There has been 3 recent scientific publications that point to an increased risk associated with Testosterone therapy in men.  The class action attorneys have been quick to jump on this information opportunity as there are millions of men on Testosterone therapy and these numbers are only expected to increase.  Testosterone therapies were a 1.6 + billion dollar take home for big Pharma in 2013 and it is projected to reach 5 billion by 2017.  What is a few million$ in that pool, right?  But, is this information scientifically accurate?

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An Apple a Day? Healthy Choices vs. Inflammation

My pre-60th birthday journey to improve my previous test results from Seasons of Farragut continues! This month I decided to focus on the first tenet in our Seasons wellness regimen – nutrition!

About two years ago I took the ALCAT test and was astonished at my lengthy list of reactive foods! The ALCAT is a fascinating food sensitivity test in which white blood cells are introduced to a variety of foods, chemicals, and herbs. The severity of the reaction determines if a substance is mild, moderate, severe, or normal within my body. Since knowledge is power, I decided to receive the news that gluten and dairy were on my “severe list” as a positive indicator rather than “buyers’ remorse” for having performed the test!

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