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The PhysioAge Systems include the six core Biomarkers of Aging:


CardioAge – Arterial Stiffness Testing

• Evaluates cardiovascular risk by measuring blood pressure at the heart to determine artery suppleness


PulmoAge – Lung Function Testing

• Measures lung function, which is linked to most fatal diseases, not just lung disease


NeuroAge – Brain Function Testing

• Detects early-stage mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease through a series of computerized tests focused on age-sensitive aspects of brain function


CutoAge – Skin Elasticity Testing

• Assesses the elasticity and rmness of the skin with the same instrument used in numerous clinical trials for skin care products


ImmunoAge – Immune Function Testing

• Measures the health of your immune system using an advanced blood test


TelomerAge – Telomere Length Measurement

• Measures telomere length – caps at the ends of the chromosomes that shorten with every cell division- to indicate cell longevity