• The Walking Drugged

    The walking drugged


    “Drugs never cure disease. They merely hush the voice of nature’s protest, and pull down the danger signals she erects along the pathway of transgression. Any poison taken into the system has to be reckoned with later on even though it palliates present symptoms. Pain may disappear, but the patient is left in a worse condition, though unconscious of it at the time.” Daniel. H. Kress, M.D.


    In honor of October, the upcoming new season of the Walking Dead and all zombie lovers everywhere, I want to discuss zombies.  Not the hollywood version, but the real zombies.  Zombies are real and present today.  I have previously written about the growing zombie epidemic in our culture.  The zombie epidemic continues to grow.  The glaring new fact is that those effected are younger and younger.   Now,  our children are targeted.


    Kansas has declared October Zombie Preparedness month.  Could this be the real zombie apocalypse?



    The unlikely Origins of the Hot Flash


    September is Menopause Awareness Month.


    In support of Menopause Awareness Month, and women struggling with Hot Flashes everywhere, I want to highlight 5 unlikely causes of Hot Flashes.  Sure low Estrogen can cause Hot Flashes, but is that all there is to a Hot Flash?


    For so many, Menopause or Peri-menopause for women means Hot Flashes.  Hot flashes are the #1 identified menopausal symptom.   Whether they be day or night, they are still Hot Flashes.  Some women struggle with severe Hot Flashes, other women battle almost no Hot Flashes.  Why the difference?  Simply stated, Hot Flashes are complex.  If Hot Flashes were simply the result of a decline in Estrogen during the Menopause transition, as most marketing implies, then all women would struggle with Hot Flashes in the Menopause transition.  But obviously, Hot Flashes (and Menopause for that matter) is so much more than declining Estrogen levels.  The following 5 unrecognized causes of Hot Flashes will reveal the complexity of the dreaded Hot Flash.



  • Confession of a Recovered Fat man–Lavender

    silhouette-obese-man-300x300Confession of a Recovered Fat man


    The more I live the more I realize I don’t know.


    The more I practice medicine, the more I realize I don’t know.  The more I realize God does know.


    Yard to Table is a category of blog posts through which I seek to highlight readily available natural therapies all around us.  Not only do natural therapies work, I will highlight the mechanisms of their actions found in the science.


    A recent personal experience highlights the power of natural healing right around us.


  • Testosterone Quagmire

    “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”

    —John Gray PhD


    Women and men are very different.  The concept seems fairly easy to grasp.  Most get it.  It seems obvious.  Even the science supports it.  However, this point seems to escape most in Medicine today.


    The perfect example of this biochemical difference is found in Testosterone.  The effects and risks of Testosterone in women stand in stark contrast to men.   Low Testosterone is associated with an increased cardiovascular disease risk in men.  Yet, elevated Testosterone is associated with an increased cardiovascular disease risk in women.  A recent publication highlights the different Testosterone picture in women with obesity and Metabolic Syndrome (elevated Testosterone) and men with obesity and Metabolic Syndrome (low Testosterone).


    Join Nan Sprouse as she discusses the quagmire of Testosterone in women in her latest video blog.  No opinion here, just science.


  • What is a Heart Healthy Diet?

    What is a Heart Healthy Diet?

    As I mentioned last month, I want to devote this blog to a healthy diet with an emphasis on heart health and disease prevention.  My hope is that I will encourage you to be your own best health advocate on what you should eat.  One word I want you to consider while reading this article is indoctrination.  As I research and study the many recommendations… low carb, paleo, low fat, vegan, Mediterranean and Myplate.gov. etc., I recognize that we have to be careful to sort out any bias and indoctrination of any possible profit motive information that would distort accurate research and information to benefit our health.  Keep in mind that there is not one perfect diet.  Many diets claim to be the one best way to eat.  A one-size-fits-all approach never works—nutrition is no different.  We must realize that we are in different stages of life and some of us are very healthy while others are struggling with compromised health.  From last month’s blog, I pointed out that the American Dietary Guidelines indoctrinated us into believing that an unhealthy low fat, high carb (also refined) diet was healthy even heart healthy.  Instead of improving health, statistics point to a declining health in Americans.  This can be found in the rising rates of heart disease, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes and other chronic disease states.  Let us take a closer look at the heart disease statistics.



  • Seasons of Farragut ~ Clinic

    Balance your body. Balance your life. It’s more than just a couple of phrases. Seasons of Farragut is a wellness center with a refreshingly different approach toward health and wellness. Why the focus on health and wellness these days? At Seasons we believe that wellness is the body’s natural state, and giving your body the support it needs is the key to a vibrant and healthy life.

    Seasons blends state-of-the-art testing and medical knowledge to design an individualized treatment program for each patient. Using saliva, blood and GI tests, actual levels of hormones, vitamins, amino acids, toxins, bacteria, and more can be determined. Identifying and addressing food and chemical sensitivities can dramatically improve complaints of weight gain, fatigue, mood swings, joint pain, headache, IBS and more.

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