• An Apple a Day? Healthy Choices vs. Inflammation

    My pre-60th birthday journey to improve my previous test results from Seasons of Farragut continues! This month I decided to focus on the first tenet in our Seasons wellness regimen - nutrition!

    About two years ago I took the ALCAT test and was astonished at my lengthy list of reactive foods! The ALCAT is a fascinating food sensitivity test in which white blood cells are introduced to a variety of foods, chemicals, and herbs. The severity of the reaction determines if a substance is mild, moderate, severe, or normal within my body. Since knowledge is power, I decided to receive the news that gluten and dairy were on my "severe list" as a positive indicator rather than “buyers’ remorse” for having performed the test!

    Lyn-Genet Recitas has written a book, The Plan, which explains how inflammation from food intolerance can cause symptoms such as joint pain, skin disorders, fatigue, weight issues, headaches, and digestive disorders. Whereas a food allergy can have almost an immediate effect, a food sensitivity may not show up for several hours to 3 days later. For weight gain, it’s not as much about the calories as the chemistry of the body. One person may benefit from last night’s salmon and broccoli but someone else may actually gain 2 pounds. Inflammation from food intolerance causes damage to the lining of the gut. As the lining becomes “leaky” with gaps present, foods begin to slip through not completely digested. This causes the body to attack undigested foods.

    As we age, inflammation can increase which causes our systems to slow down. Many of us have much less stomach acid and digestive enzymes to break down food. This can ultimately alter our weight and our health. Reactive foods cause our bodies to produce more histamine which causes water retention via dilated capillaries. The brain responds by increasing the production of Cortisol. As more Cortisol is produced, fewer sex hormones are produced since both sets of hormones depend on the same building blocks. Increased Cortisol causes an increase in glucose which causes an increase in blood sugar! This domino effect alters the good bacteria in the gut and can increase yeast production. The altered gut flora leads to a weakened immune response since about 70% of our immune system is in the gut.

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  • Blinded with Science

    Blinded with Science!images


    Blinded me with Science is how the phrase goes.  I’m a man of the 80’s—the parachute pants, the members only jacket, the prepped, the big hair and the music. The music of the 80’s is the music that I grew up on; it is the music that I fall back too.  One of the earliest songs and videos (back when MTV started and actually showed music videos) that I can remember was the song “She Blinded me with Science”.    This song is a good fit to lead into this discussion on the science of low Testosterone and Testosterone therapy.  There is so much information that bombards us daily, that we can easily be blinded by the science.


    In case you have been living in a shell recently.  There has been 3 recent scientific publications that point to an increased risk associated with Testosterone therapy in men.  The class action attorneys have been quick to jump on this information opportunity as there are millions of men on Testosterone therapy and these numbers are only expected to increase.  Testosterone therapies were a 1.6 + billion dollar take home for big Pharma in 2013 and it is projected to reach 5 billion by 2017.  What is a few million$ in that pool, right?  But, is this information scientifically accurate?


    Hormone metabolism




    Hormones are signals.


    Hormones are important.  Hormones are 1 of the 5 points of Wellness that we use at Seasons.  But, hormones are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to hormones.  For scientific, safe, effective hormone therapy it takes all the following:


    proper hormone evaluation

    knowledge of hormone levels

    hormone balance

    hormone metabolites

    hormone receptors

    outside influences

    physiologic hormone therapy


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  • Seasons of Farragut ~ Clinic

    Balance your body. Balance your life. It’s more than just a couple of phrases. Seasons of Farragut is a wellness center with a refreshingly different approach toward health and wellness. Why the focus on health and wellness these days? At Seasons we believe that wellness is the body’s natural state, and giving your body the support it needs is the key to a vibrant and healthy life.

    Seasons blends state-of-the-art testing and medical knowledge to design an individualized treatment program for each patient. Using saliva, blood and GI tests, actual levels of hormones, vitamins, amino acids, toxins, bacteria, and more can be determined. Identifying and addressing food and chemical sensitivities can dramatically improve complaints of weight gain, fatigue, mood swings, joint pain, headache, IBS and more.

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