• Lifestyle Intervention–Jack’s Magic beans

    Have you seen Jack’s magic beans?   In one way or another, everybody is looking for Jack’s magic beans.  Everyone knows the story.  Jack, at a whim, traded his milk cow for the “magic beans”.  Despite his mother’s rebuke, Jack’s trade eventually proved to bear fruit, that is the fruit of the goose that laid the golden eggs.  The relevance of Jack’s magic bean to health is significant.  Everyone is looking for the magic beans of health.  The magic beans of prescription medications.  The magic beans of surgery.  Everybody is looking for the golden goose of health through the healthcare magic beans.  But, do they exist?



    The flu vaccine: Is the proof in the pudding?

    UnknownThe first crisp mornings of the year, the return of the pigskin, and the sweeping color changes found throughout the landscape—I love fall.  Fall is a welcome change after the long heat of Summer.  Fall brings many things, some good and some bad.  Just as fall moves us past the summer heat, fall also ushers in the cold weather and the dreaded cold and flu season.


    The statements about the flu season are as prevalent as the virus itself: the flu vaccine is “as good as gold, the “proof is in the pudding”, and “protect with the flu vaccine”.   I recently saw an ad campaign for the flu vaccine state: “the value of wellness”, implying that the flu vaccine equaled wellness.   I even heard a medical report, by a physician no less, on the radio say “its better than nothing”.


    So, I got to thinking—with the cold and flu season upon us, does the scientific data support the flu vaccine.  Not, what does the collective think.  Not, what does marketing based-medicine say, but what does the evidence show.  What is the best way to protect my and your family during this cold and flu season?  How can one treat and even prevent the flu this upcoming season.  Is it as good as gold?  Is it better than nothing?  Is the flu vaccine the value of wellness? Is the flu vaccine the proof that is in the pudding?  No opinions, just evidence.



  • Natural therapies and the flu–what does the evidence show?


    The influenza virus

    My previous post focused on the evidence of the flu vaccine and the prevention of the flu via the flu vaccine.  As the evidence consistently shows, the flu vaccine does not prevent flu transmission and/or prevent complications from the flu.  That is in addition to the historically very low match rates.  This is not my opinion; this is not marketing; this simply is what the evidence shows.  If you haven’t read that post and the evidence, I encourage you to stop and read the previous post on the evidence against the flu vaccine now.


    If the the flu vaccine doesn’t prevent the flu, then how can you protect against the flu?  Do we simply run the immune system roulette table every cold/flu season?  How can you treat the flu if you are unfortunate to welcome the influenza virus into your home?  Is all hope lost in our ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones against the cold and flu?


    All hope is not lost.  Below, I list natural, evidence-based therapies to prevent the influenza virus invasion and treat the influenza virus if the invasion does occur.  The therapies listed are some of the more evidence-based therapies out there.  These therapies will also work well against the other encountered viruses so prevalent this time of year.



  • Embracing the “C” word (no, not that one)


    Sometimes Nurse Practitioners who practice wellness get a personal wake up call.  After a recent phone call, I was immediately transported back 20 years ago when I received an almost identical call.  Both times, I understood the information.  Both times, I instantly denied the information.  But each time, reality seeped into every adrenaline soaked brain cell.  The biopsy report was positive for cancer.


    My initial prognosis had mixed reviews.  The surgeon was hopeful – the specialist not so much.  The days and weeks that followed were full of opportunities to choose between fear or courage.  I became a student of the many promises from God that I had taken for granted.   I found myself more acutely aware of fellow sufferers in this “cancer club” and began praying for them with a new zeal.



  • Keep on Track with your Health–Simple Nutrition


    Keeping On Track With Your Health- It Really Can Be Simple.      


    January, February, March have passed by and we are now moving into April.  So, how is your health?  How are your new year resolutions to improve your Health going?


    By this time each year, many have fizzled in their efforts to improve their Health (whether it is to eat healthy, exercise, lose weight or just stay fit).  Healthy nutrition seems to be extremely difficult with convenient (food that is quick and lacks nutritional value) and tempting foods so easily accessible.  Living in Knoxville, with so many eateries, it seems so easy to pick up fast food, or eat at a quick line restaurant or even a sit down restaurants.


    At what cost?



  • Seasons of Farragut ~ Clinic

    Balance your body. Balance your life. It’s more than just a couple of phrases. Seasons of Farragut is a wellness center with a refreshingly different approach toward health and wellness. Why the focus on health and wellness these days? At Seasons we believe that wellness is the body’s natural state, and giving your body the support it needs is the key to a vibrant and healthy life.

    Seasons blends state-of-the-art testing and medical knowledge to design an individualized treatment program for each patient. Using saliva, blood and GI tests, actual levels of hormones, vitamins, amino acids, toxins, bacteria, and more can be determined. Identifying and addressing food and chemical sensitivities can dramatically improve complaints of weight gain, fatigue, mood swings, joint pain, headache, IBS and more.

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