• What they don’t know, they think they know


    I don’t like to use this blog post to speak out on current events, there are plenty of other places for people to read opinion on current events. The purpose of this blog is to focus on the science of Wellness, not opinion.  However, sometimes current events require me to speak out.   This happened recently with what appears to be a mass media push on the dangers of supplements.  In this case, the media and physicians in the media displayed amazing ignorance of the scientific evidence.



    Estrogen metabolites: the good, the bad, and the ugly?

    “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”



    Estrogen metabolites.



    The good, the bad, the ugly.  Estrogen metabolites are the Clint Eastwood of hormone metabolites.  That is the way Hollywood would market estrogen metabolites if they were slated for a prime time Hollywood production.  Unfortunately, that is also the way most medical press presents it.  Estrogen is the beginning and the end of the story.  Estrogen alone is active.  Estrogen metabolites are inactive compounds targeted for elimination only.  This is the story line followed by most in the medical community.  Is this sound science?  Is this simply a Hollywood mirage repeated over and over by physicians in hopes that truth will present itself through repetition or does the real science of estrogen metabolites tell a different story?


    No opinion, just science.



  • Living Healthy is easy! Grow Microgreens

    Living Healthy is easy!



    Living Healthy is easy–I promise.  Living Healthy just requires rethinking and a little planning.  We have been raised in and taught to live in a Disease world for so long that we have forgotten how to live Healthy.  Disease living has become the new normal.  It is as if we are simply a commodity to feed an industry based on Disease.  Healthy living is not difficult, it just requires a change of habits—a new way of thinking—a first step.



    Lifestyle transitions require small steps.  Today is the first small step—growing Microgreens at home.



  • Testosterone Quagmire

    “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”

    —John Gray PhD


    Women and men are very different.  The concept seems fairly easy to grasp.  Most get it.  It seems obvious.  Even the science supports it.  However, this point seems to escape most in Medicine today.


    The perfect example of this biochemical difference is found in Testosterone.  The effects and risks of Testosterone in women stand in stark contrast to men.   Low Testosterone is associated with an increased cardiovascular disease risk in men.  Yet, elevated Testosterone is associated with an increased cardiovascular disease risk in women.  A recent publication highlights the different Testosterone picture in women with obesity and Metabolic Syndrome (elevated Testosterone) and men with obesity and Metabolic Syndrome (low Testosterone).


    Join Nan Sprouse as she discusses the quagmire of Testosterone in women in her latest video blog.  No opinion here, just science.


  • Keep on Track with your Health–Simple Nutrition


    Keeping On Track With Your Health- It Really Can Be Simple.      


    January, February, March have passed by and we are now moving into April.  So, how is your health?  How are your new year resolutions to improve your Health going?


    By this time each year, many have fizzled in their efforts to improve their Health (whether it is to eat healthy, exercise, lose weight or just stay fit).  Healthy nutrition seems to be extremely difficult with convenient (food that is quick and lacks nutritional value) and tempting foods so easily accessible.  Living in Knoxville, with so many eateries, it seems so easy to pick up fast food, or eat at a quick line restaurant or even a sit down restaurants.


    At what cost?



  • Seasons of Farragut ~ Clinic

    Balance your body. Balance your life. It’s more than just a couple of phrases. Seasons of Farragut is a wellness center with a refreshingly different approach toward health and wellness. Why the focus on health and wellness these days? At Seasons we believe that wellness is the body’s natural state, and giving your body the support it needs is the key to a vibrant and healthy life.

    Seasons blends state-of-the-art testing and medical knowledge to design an individualized treatment program for each patient. Using saliva, blood and GI tests, actual levels of hormones, vitamins, amino acids, toxins, bacteria, and more can be determined. Identifying and addressing food and chemical sensitivities can dramatically improve complaints of weight gain, fatigue, mood swings, joint pain, headache, IBS and more.

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